Posted by: kasperkasper | September 13, 2009

The Kiwi bird

In New Zealand there is a famous bird called the Kiwi bird. The birds only exists on new zealand, and its the country’s  national bird.

Kiwi bird

There are five species of the Kiwi bird;

1. The Great Spotted Kiwi (the largest kind, about 45 cm tall and weighs 3,3kg)

2. The Little Spotted Kiwi

3. Rowi

4. Tokoeka

5. The North Island Brown kiwi.

The Kiwi’s closest relatives are the Emu and cassowaries. The theory suggest that the Kiwi’s ancestors were imported from Australia in New Zealand. The Kiwi bird are very shy and noctural, and can often be seen in daylight. They have a highly developed sense of smell, and usually eat small invertebrates, seeds, grubs and many sorts of worms.  The Kiwi bird are different from other birds when it comes to mating. When a Kiwi bird finds a partner, it usually stays with that partner for about 20 years. Kiwi eggs can weigh up to one quarter of the weight of the female, and lay the largest eggs to its proportion of its size of any bird in the world.

The Kiwi cannot fly and it has no wings either. It’s body consist of two feet, a the feathers are very furry. It also has a long, narrow beacon.

To the Maoris the Kiwi feathers are very important because they are used for their ceremonial cloaks. The Maoris used to hunt the Kiwi long ago, but they don’t any longer. Thhey consider themselfs as the guardians of the Kiwi.

Kiwi bird




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